therapist explaining the goals of family therapy to clients

3 Family Therapy Goals to Achieve

Your relationships with family members are some of the strongest you’ll ever have. However, even the most tight-knit family can experience complex problems that need to be resolved in a family therapy program with a professional therapist. Sometimes, these issues can be prolonged and become toxic without professional help. The goals of family therapy at…

individual experiencing physical effects of heroin addiction

Can Heroin Cause Physical Effects on Your Brain?

Heroin is a powerful and deadly drug with the potential to alter everything in your life dramatically. The illicit drug can change you emotionally and mentally, and then there are the physical effects of heroin addiction. Heroin use and abuse will severely limit the functions of your brain. While the short-term effects can be tragic,…

woman talking to another woman about opiate addiction treatment

How to Help Someone With an Opiate Addiction

Millions Americans misuse prescription painkillers each year. While these medications were prescribed by a trusted doctor to treat severe pain, addiction is all too common. For family and friends, watching a loved one descend into an opiate addiction can be scary, and you may wonder how to help someone with opiate addiction. If someone you…

group of individuals who are regaining independence after rehab

Regain Your Independence With Community Housing

A community housing program can make all the difference when you are in focused recovery and looking toward regaining independence after rehab. A community housing program’s goal of promoting and facilitating the healthy transition toward sober living outside of rehab is an excellent choice for you as you enter the outpatient care portion of your…


Early Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction is defined as “Taking drugs other than how they were prescribed to you,” and it is estimated that more than 18 million Americans abused prescription drugs in 2017. Prescription drug addiction can lead to a dangerous opioid addiction, which increases the risk of overdose and death. If you or someone you love…


3 Benefits of Men’s Rehab

Men and women are equally as likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol, but how men typically experience addiction is unique. Generally speaking, men use drugs differently than women and have their own physical and mental responses to the various harmful substances. Additionally, the issues faced by men during addiction treatment are also unique…


3 Ways to Help Someone with a Painkiller Addiction

Painkillers are routinely prescribed in the United States to manage pain, and while not all of them are addictive, prescription drug addiction has become all too common in America. When pain becomes more severe, a doctor may prescribe an opiate painkiller. Unfortunately, these drugs, like OxyContin, have a high potential for abuse and addiction, painkiller…