man laying on couch drinking alcohol because of Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol Dependence

Heavy drinkers end up in a situation where their body becomes dependent on having a steady supply of alcohol. It adjusts to the constant blood alcohol content and puts you through miserable withdrawal symptoms if you end up not drinking enough. Once you reach the point of alcohol dependence, you’ll need the right alcohol addiction…

man with signs of addiction meeting with therapist

Signs of Addiction

Many factors influence addictive behavior, such as the stress present in your life and the environment that you live in. Substance abuse may be used as a way to cope with uncertainty, anxiety, fears, grief, and countless other emotions. The signs of addiction in a loved one are not always obvious, so careful observation may…

man on the floor with glass of alcohol wondering am i an alcoholic

Am I an Alcoholic?

Alcohol is a common part of the activities that make up modern life. People gather at bars, have something to drink with their dinners, and otherwise have easy access to alcohol. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to consistent overindulgence that transitions into alcohol abuse. When asking yourself “Am I an alcoholic,” you must consider several…