opioid addiction treatment

4 Benefits of Opioid Addiction Treatment

The decision to enter an opioid addiction treatment center is life-changing. Going through detox and creating a new life without using substances is a monumental challenge and easier when you have the kind of support found at a treatment facility. If you’re looking for an opioid addiction treatment program in Ohio, call Midwest Recovery today…

alcohol treatment centers

Are All Alcohol Treatment Centers the Same?

If you’ve never been to rehab before, you may have no idea how alcohol addiction programs differ or if there are differences between programs. As you begin research for an alcohol addiction treatment program in Ohio, you’ll quickly realize that there can be significant differences between facilities. Here are some of the key differences you’ll…

drug addiction treatment center

Helping Your Loved One Choose a Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Choosing a drug addiction treatment program in Ohio can be confusing, especially if you don’t know much about rehab. Picking a program for a loved one can feel even more overwhelming because you may not be sure of their treatment needs. Here are some tips about looking for when helping your loved one choose a…

mental health awareness month

Embracing Mental Health Awareness Month During Addiction Treatment

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and there’s no better time to embrace it than during addiction treatment. Substance use disorder is often viewed as simply a matter of drug or alcohol abuse, but it’s inherently tied to mental health. A trauma therapy program can help address the root causes of addiction. Nearly half of…

how to rebuild your life with women's rehab

How to Rebuild Your Life with Women’s Rehab

When it comes to addiction, men and women have different struggles to overcome. Women also have other stressors outside of addiction that men won’t ever experience. When it comes to seeking recovery, it might be more comfortable for some people to join a program that focuses on the needs of women. Joining a women’s rehab…