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Dedicated to Excellence

Iwoman talking to her daughter about Drug Addiction Treatment programs in ohf you or someone you care about is battling an addiction, the first thing that you must understand is that you are not alone. Over 40 million Americans are battling addiction just like you are. And most will not seek help. If you have tried and failed to quit, you know how isolating and overwhelming it can feel. But a top-quality drug addiction treatment center can help you break this cycle and begin to rebuild your life. At Midwest Recovery Center, we offer a substance abuse treatment program in a convenient, comfortable, safe space that is insulated from the stresses of life outside of the facility.

The addiction specialists at Midwest Recovery pride themselves on designing personalized treatment plans for each patient that walks through our doors. Upon entering our drug addiction treatment program, the first thing we do is assess your current substance abuse and your history so that we can create a plan that suits your recovery needs. We want the same thing that you do: for you to live a healthy, sober life. And we will help you get there in a variety of different ways. If you or someone you care about is suffering, it is worth reaching out to our drug addiction treatment center to learn more.

Is a Drug Addiction Treatment Program Right for You?

If you are wondering if you need professional substance abuse treatment help, the American Psychiatric Association has set criteria you can use. The following are designed to help you determine whether or not you or your loved one is suffering from addiction issues and would benefit from drug rehab.

  • You have put yourself or others at risk by using drugs during or before engaging in dangerous behavior like driving or operating machinery.
  • Drug use has damaged your relationships, finances, or employment, but you have continued to use them.
  • A significant percentage of your time is spent acquiring, using, and recovering from drugs.
  • When you are not using drugs, you crave them.
  • You have experienced the negative physical effects of your drug use but have continued to use drugs.
  • When you have tried to stop or reduce your drug use, you have experienced withdrawal symptoms.

If even one or two of these criteria fit your behavior, it is likely that you would be a good candidate for a drug addiction treatment program and should consider reaching out to Midwest Recovery.

What You Can Expect at a Drug Addiction Treatment Center

The first steps upon entering a drug addiction treatment center involve assessment. By determining your current circumstance regarding the substances you are using and your history with them, we can create a personalized treatment plan that suits your individual needs. And in determining how best to address those needs, we incorporate both holistic and more clinical approaches in our treatment plans. The addiction treatment therapies we use at Midwest Recovery include the following:

  • Recreational therapy
  • Expressive therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Trauma-focused treatment
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Family therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

In addition, you will have a case manager whose job is to help with financial and legal difficulties.

Contact the Team at Midwest Recovery Center Today

A life plagued with the cycles of addiction can be overwhelming. But at Midwest Recovery Center, you will find a compassionate team of medical professionals ready to guide you through your recovery. In group therapy, you will connect with others who have had experiences similar to yours and start developing a support network. When you’re ready to rid yourself of the weight of drug addiction, don’t hesitate. The intake staff at our drug addiction treatment program is ready to take your call at 833.627.0039 or you can contact us online. Start on your personal road to recovery today.

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