Dedicated to Excellence

Dedicated to Excellence

therapist meeting with a family at the Addiction Treatment Centers for rehab programsNot all addiction treatment centers and programs are alike. If you are looking into professional rehab programs for you or a loved one, you know that there are many options to consider. However, you likely want a comfortable, secure location, an experienced staff, and personalized treatment plans. At Midwest Recovery Center, our priority is helping you achieve lasting sobriety through our addiction treatment programs. We offer community housing for those who need extra support during treatment and numerous amenities to make your stay more comfortable.

At Midwest Recovery, we offer the following programs:

  • Men’s rehab – Overcome addiction in a gender-specific setting where you can share your struggles with other men
  • Women’s rehab – In a supportive, women-only space, you’ll be able to open up about past trauma and begin to heal from substance abuse
  • Partial hospitalization program – In our most intensive level of care, you’ll begin to develop the skills you need for recovery
  • Intensive outpatient program – As you start to take steps towards independence, you’ll continue to learn healthy coping skills and strategies for sobriety
  • Outpatient program – Plan for the future with support and accountability from our staff and group therapy sessions
  • Community housing – For those who need additional support in their recovery journey, we offer a sober-living program in comfortable, secure apartments

While at our addiction treatment center in Ohio, you’ll find a welcoming, comfortable environment, caring, competent staff, and evidence-based treatment modalities. Our goal is for you to live a healthy, happy life free from the effects of drugs and alcohol. Every individual in our care receives a personalized treatment plan based on their unique needs.

Our Addiction Treatment Center

Although every individual in our care receives a unique treatment plan, we incorporate the following elements into each drug and alcohol treatment program.

Aftercare Planning

Your recovery journey does not end when you leave our addiction treatment center. In fact, you’ll encounter more stresses and triggers for substance abuse in the outside world. For this reason, we include aftercare planning in each of our addiction treatment programs. You’ll leave Midwest Recovery with the tools you need to overcome cravings and temptations and the knowledge that you can enjoy your life without drugs or alcohol.

Case Management

We assign a case manager to each of our patients while in our addiction treatment center. Their role is to help you with outside factors that might hinder your recovery, like damaged relationships, strained finances, or problems with employment. They can also act as your advocate in the event of legal trouble.

Safe Environment

Every individual in our care is required to be sober during their treatment. We are committed to providing a safe environment without temptations. You’ll have privacy during your time at Midwest Recovery, and your therapists are required to keep your information confidential.

Relapse Prevention

We’ll help you prepare for stress as you go back to everyday life. And if you need extra support and accountability as you make the transition from more intensive outpatient care, you can join our community housing program.


Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is a particularly effective treatment option for those suffering from alcohol or opioid addiction. Through medication-assisted treatment, clients receive medicine to help prevent severe cravings and help manage the triggers of relapse.

Alumni Program

Recovery doesn’t end after you finish one of our treatment programs. It is vital to have a support network you can fall back on during times of hardship, as well as resources that help you stay sober outside of treatment. Through our alumni network, you can work with others in recovery to support each other and help each other remain free of substances.

Wellness at Our Addiction Treatment Center

While you heal from the damaging effects of substance abuse at our addiction treatment center, you’ll also have the chance to work on your physical well-being. We understand the link between your physical, mental, and spiritual health. That’s why we offer wellness services at Midwest Recovery. These include the following:

  • Classes with yoga teachers and exercise instructors
  • Visits from chiropractors and massage therapists
  • Group exercise classes
  • Healthy snacks
  • Nutrition education
  • Assistance with grocery shopping and meal planning

Contact Midwest Recovery Center when you are ready to take the next step in overcoming addiction and rebuilding your life.

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Our goal is for you to achieve lasting, meaningful sobriety through our rehab programs. At Midwest Recovery, you’ll find caring, experienced staff who will help you understand the root causes of addiction and develop healthy coping skills for the future. Don’t wait to begin rebuilding your life. Instead, contact us at 833.627.0039 or by using our online form, and take the first step towards recovery today.

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