a man thinks about potentially addictive behaviors

5 Potentially Addictive Behaviors

Behavioral addiction is just as controlling as addiction related to the use of drugs and alcohol. In many ways, the two are linked. Many engage in behaviors that are unhealthy, including using drugs and alcohol without recognizing the risks. Yet, over time, any negative action performed over and over again can become addictive. At Midwest…

a man receives MAT in ohio

How does Medication Assisted Treatment Help?

Drug and alcohol addiction leads to dependence for many people. That means a person may find it nearly impossible to stop using because the brain relies on these substances. That is where medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can offer help. It is a strategy that allows the brain to start the healing process while controlling the dependence…

woman at bar over a drink dealing with alcohol abuse

Different Ways Alcohol Can be Abused

Alcohol abuse develops over time as a response to the amount, type, and frequency of consumption. Yet, for many, alcohol use disorder can happen quickly, leading to health complications and dependence. When alcohol addiction occurs, professional treatment is often necessary to help a person stop drinking and start the recovery process. At Midwest Recovery Center,…

patient in partial hospitalization program with therapist

How a PHP Fits Your Busy Schedule

Partial hospitalization programs, or PHPs, are becoming more and more popular in addiction recovery. This particular addiction treatment program provides intensive care for behavioral issues and is quite effective in helping those with addictions. A partial hospitalization program at Midwest Recovery Center allows individuals to get the therapy they need to address their substance use…