a group gets together to discuss relapse prevention

Relapse Prevention Planning

Our care coordinators at Midwest Recovery Center work with patients on extensive relapse prevention planning and aftercare planning. We know that when leaving detox, residential, or stepping down from a partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, or outpatient treatment can be nerve-racking. Sometimes, when you have lived with your addiction for so long, it may…

police man with the words big ideas big impact


Articles by Jeff McGinnis, Jason Webber, Sonny Forrest, and Athena Cocoves. Photos by Nick Amrhein, taken in the beautiful lobby of Renaissance Toledo, which was graciously provided by the downtown hotel. Progress starts with an idea, but not every idea gives rise to a movement. Passion, hard work, compassion and courage transform an idea into…

a woman uses exercise to combat drug addiction

Exercise and Drug Addiction

Eating healthy, exercise, and drug addiction may seem like an odd combination. Recent studies show that exercise could decrease substance abuse and reinforce abstinence, while healthy eating may increase mood and long-term recovery. Exercising while using drugs is not recommended and could be very dangerous due to increased or decreased heart rate, blood pressure, and…