woman learns about what she can do to help fix the stigma around addiction

Fixing The Stigmas Around Addiction

Various addictions are often accompanied by shame, guilt, and self-stigmatization. These feelings can be traced back to the public stigmatization, which perpetuates negative stereotypes regarding addiction. The majority of society thinks of addiction as a moral problem insinuating that individuals suffering from addiction choose to continue using drugs, unlike people with other chronic conditions who…

woman utilizes tips for improving her environment

5 Tips on Improving Your Environment for Recovery

Your immediate environment has a direct impact on you. So profound is the effect that it can shape a person’s personality. It, therefore, follows that a person who is in recovery should be mindful of their environment. Your recovery environment should complement the healing process. However, the external environment is complex. Many variables interact at…

therapy group after addiction

How to Start Over After Addiction

Addiction affects millions in the US, although substance abusers understand the potentially severe consequences. Fortunately, you can seek professional treatment and overcome the condition. For example, the addiction treatment programs in Midwest Recovery Center help most participants succeed in their recovery. Life after addiction can be challenging for many people, but learning how to start…

individual coving liquor glass with hand at drug rehab

How to Stay Sober After Drug Rehab

You will have made a significant milestone after completing a drug addiction treatment program. After spending time in drug rehab or booking a regular outpatient appointment with your therapist, the time will come to return to your everyday life. However, completing a rehab program is not the final step towards permanent recovery because maintaining sobriety…

woman glad about having quit drinking

5 Things to Look Forward to When You Quit Drinking

Alcohol abuse can ruin lives and destroy relationships with loved ones, but some people continue partaking despite understanding the dangers. Different studies establish that a substantial percentage of the American population struggles with alcohol use disorders, including binge drinking. Many changes can happen in your life when you stop drinking. If you are struggling with…

group participating in no alcohol november

How to Spend No Alcohol November in Toledo, OH

Having fun for individuals struggling with alcohol use disorders may seem impossible. Drinking is common in social settings, but it may not be a source of enjoyment. The long-term consequences of alcohol dependency are severe and sometimes life-threatening. Fortunately, you can find better ways to have fun and improve your life. Midwest Recovery Center gives…