woman suffering from childhood trauma and addiction

The Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction

One of the things that clients often learn in recovery at an addiction treatment center is the connection between childhood trauma and addiction. Trauma therapy focuses on tracing the traumatic event and the emergence of alcoholism in a person’s life. The treatment creates an awareness of this connection that the client may have been unaware…

pregnant woman refusing wine to refrain from drinking while pregnant

What Happens if You Drink While You Are Pregnant?

Drinking while pregnant can harm your unborn child. Alcohol can cause severe psychological and physical problems, congenital disabilities, and medical conditions such as fetal alcohol syndrome. If you are suffering from alcohol addiction, now is the time to get help from our alcohol addiction treatment program. All forms of alcohol can hurt your baby. This…

wife turned away from husband showing alcohol's effects on family

Is Alcohol Hurting Your Relationship?

Is alcohol hurting your relationship? You may have discovered alcohol’s effects on family and the dynamic of your relationship in several areas, such as communication, intimacy, or daily responsibilities. Alcohol’s effects on family, friends, and partners can break down a relationship to the point where you may need professional help from an alcohol rehab center.…

support group bowling for sober activities

Activities to Celebrate Sobriety: National Recovery Month

September 2020 is National Recovery Month. This is a time for those in recovery, their family, friends, and community to celebrate sobriety. Addiction treatment centers in Toledo, Ohio, also use this time to promote sober activities and create more awareness about outpatient treatment for alcoholism and other addictions. Popular activities for people in recovery include:…

man with headache showing Symptoms of Addiction

Recovery Coping Skills for Symptoms of Addiction

Addiction to prescribed and non-prescribed drugs is a massive problem in the US. Studies reveal that millions of Americans suffer from addiction-related disorders. If you or your loved ones struggle with such a condition, learn the symptoms of addiction to assist whoever needs to receive the much-needed treatment. There are many effective addiction treatment programs,…