Dedicated to Excellence

Dedicated to Excellence

men and women doing yoga at the addiction recovery center location in ohioWhen you’re deciding on an addiction recovery center, location, comfort, convenience, and experience are likely among your top priorities. At Midwest Recovery Center, our Toledo location is dedicated to serving those in our community who are fighting substance abuse. While you are in treatment for addiction, you should feel secure and supported by the staff of your addiction treatment center. Everyday life can be full of stresses and triggers that could hinder your recovery. However, at our comfortable addiction recovery center, you’ll begin to heal in a stress-free environment.

Midwest Recovery is a non-hospital setting facility. We offer a number of amenities to help you recover from the damaging effects of addiction. We also will help you connect with outside groups and organizations to help you achieve lasting sobriety. Our goal is for you to leave our addiction recovery center with the tools you need for success.

Our Ohio Addiction Treatment Facility

At Midwest Recovery, every part of our facility was designed for your comfort. We are committed to providing high-quality addiction treatment for every individual in our care, and that starts with offering a welcoming, safe environment. You can retreat from the stress of daily life while in our substance abuse treatment programs.

As you heal from substance abuse, we also provide opportunities for you to care for your physical well-being. You’re not only healing mentally, but physically and spiritually as well. This is why we incorporate exercise into our addiction treatment programs. Although addiction can cause damage to your body, during your time at our addiction recovery center location, you’ll begin to heal. We offer the following wellness services at Midwest Recovery:

  • On-site visits from yoga teachers and exercise instructors
  • Sessions with a chiropractor
  • Visits from massage therapists
  • Group exercise classes
  • Nutrition education, including grocery shopping and meal planning
  • Healthy snacks
  • Recreational therapy

While in our addiction treatment center, every patient is required to be sober and recovery-focused. This allows us to offer a safe environment for every individual in our care. You’ll learn healthy coping skills that you need for the future while in our programs, like how to enjoy life free from drugs and alcohol. We want you to leave our programs at Midwest Recovery Center with the tools you need for long-term recovery, as well as a network of support from our alumni program.

Amenities at Midwest Recovery Center

Effective addiction treatment involves a number of therapies and approaches. For this reason, Midwest Recovery has group therapy rooms, separate spaces for smaller groups or individual therapy, and rooms for exercise and wellness.

We also offer a community housing program at our addiction recovery center location. Some individuals in substance abuse treatment could benefit from additional accountability and support. In a community housing program, they have the opportunity to live with other recovery-focused peers in comfortable living spaces.

Contact Midwest Recovery Center Today

When you are ready to take the next step towards recovery, contact us. We can help you or your loved one overcome substance abuse and achieve meaningful, lasting sobriety. In our comfortable facility, you’ll be able to rest as you work to overcome addiction, and you can find even more support in our community housing program. We offer the following treatment programs at Midwest Recovery:

Learn more about our addiction recovery center location and the programs we offer by contacting us today. Call 833.627.0039 or use our online form and take the first step towards rebuilding your life.

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