woman takes a pill and starts to spot her painkiller addiction

How to Spot a Painkiller Addiction Early

If you are concerned that yourself or a loved one has a painkiller addiction, getting treatment early is important. Addiction can occur when someone begins using illicit opioids or starts with a prescription from a doctor. We’ll look at spotting addiction early in both instances. What Is Painkiller Addiction? Painkillers are typically prescription opioid medications.…

group discusses how men and women recover differently

How Men and Women Recover Differently

The differences between how men and women experience addiction, undergo therapies, and recover, stems from the sociological and biological differences. These differences primarily revolve around estrogen and testosterone production, varying body size, body composition, and societal expectations. The gender differences influence susceptibility to substance addiction, recovery, and the risk of relapse. Midwest Recovery Center offers…

Group discusses different types of addiction treatment therapy

Different Types of Addiction Treatment Therapies

Substance addiction is a complex brain disorder that can affect anyone; it knows no age, gender, race, or social class. It involves a person’s physical health, emotional state, mental health, and abilities to socialize, which affects every area of their life. There are multiple types of therapies geared at ensuring recovery for people struggling with…

a group participates in group therapy

The Group Therapy Approach To Recovery

Group therapy is an addiction treatment method used to help people struggling with various addictions. It involves five to 15 patients and one or two health professionals. The health professionals guide the group through conversations and activities targeted at tackling a specific problem varying from substance abuse, panic disorder, social anxiety to chronic pain. Group…

group discusses when it's time for treatment

How To Know Its The Right Time For Treatment

Many people forego treatment because they do not think their addiction is bad enough. However, it is challenging to maintain objectivity when struggling with addictions and knowing when it is the right time to seek treatment. If your substance use is negatively affecting various aspects of your life, it is probably time to seek treatment.…

open bottle fo opioids

The Misconceptions Surrounding Opioids

Despite the global attention it has garnered, the opioid epidemic is getting worse each year. Many myths and misconceptions around opioids continue to cloud people’s judgment slowing down the fight against opioid use disorder. Notably, opioids are the most common type of medication given for pain management, which is also a large contributor to the…