Dedicated to Excellence

Dedicated to Excellence

An individual therapy program is the backbone of mental health and addiction treatment. The approach involves the client and therapist, and it is customized to meet individual needs. During the sessions, our therapists at Midwest Recovery Center have conversations or reflections whose primary aim is to help our clients explore feelings, behaviors, and thoughts that cause their underlying problems. To learn more about individual therapy, call 833.627.0039.

Insight Into Individual Therapy

The length of the sessions varies widely, depending on your needs. However, most sessions take an hour, and meetings occur once per week until you complete therapy. Our therapist can help you realize the problems you experienced in the past or those you are currently undergoing. Such issues can cause your current behavior, such as alcohol and drug abuse.

The program also helps you gain insight into individual thoughts and emotions, including stress, shame, guilt, and anxiety, enhancing your ability to deal with them. With individual therapy, you become more open to discuss problematic issues that people shy from talking about in group therapy.

Why Choose Us?

We can offer a personalized therapy program that ensures you receive treatment for all co-occurring disorders. In most cases, people struggling with substance use disorders also have underlying mental issues. Apart from treating the symptoms of your mental health issue, we will also address the root cause.

Our psychotherapy programs offer you a platform to nurture self-growth and self-actualization by making you realize who you are and what you want. Individual therapy empowers you with courage, high self-esteem, compassion, and love.

Therefore, our individual therapy program can offer you numerous benefits, including:

  • Increasing insight into your problem
  • Enhancing your self-awareness
  • Heightening self-empowerment
  • Improving how you relate to others
  • Equipping you with healthy coping skills
  • Assisting you in overcoming anxiety and depression
  • Reducing the risk of experiencing a relapse

What to Expect in an Individual Therapy Program

Therapists opt for group therapy as the most efficient approach in treating addiction and other mental health conditions. However, individual treatment is most applicable when the therapist wants to offer the client a private environment to share every challenge openly.woman in individual therapy program.

While group therapy brings together individuals experiencing common problems and encourages them to express their feelings openly, there are issues that individuals wish to keep private.

Individual counseling allows you to open up and embark on the journey to recovery. The therapy program enables you to live drug-free and overcome post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), depression, and grief.

Permanent recovery requires you to work closely with your therapist on guidelines for preventing relapse. Individual therapy program enables you to share progress and challenges on the road to recovery with our experts.

Visit Rehab for Professional Help

If you are in Toledo, OH, or nearby, reach out to our rehab facility to get started on a personalized rehab treatment. Even if you are in another state, you can travel to Toledo, OH, and embark on your journey to permanently recover from environmental triggers.

For a holistic approach, we combine individual counseling and other addiction treatment programs, including:

Depending on your condition, our therapists may simultaneously use several treatment programs to facilitate a quick and permanent recovery.

Get Individual Therapy at Midwest Recovery Center

Do not take chances when you can overcome mental disorders and regain your healthy life by seeking professional intervention. At Midwest Recovery Center, our therapists will help you achieve the desired results using a combination of an individual therapy program and other evidence-based treatment options. Contact Midwest Recovery Center at 833.627.0039 today to start your recovery journey.