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Dedicated to Excellence

Marijuana is among the most problematic drugs to quit using mainly because of societal pressure. The increasing acceptance of marijuana use has made individuals attempting to stop undergo a similar experience as alcohol users who cannot stop despite trying several times. Continual use of marijuana leads to addiction, but therapy is the primary marijuana addiction treatment program. One of our primary goals at the Midwest Recovery Center is to provide marijuana users with healthy coping skills to overcome triggers and prevent relapse, call 833.627.0039 today to begin your recovery.

How Addictive Is Marijuana?

Ask yourself: When did you last use marijuana? Can you survive without it? What if you get arrested in the process of buying or using? These are among the endless common questions that run across individuals addicted to marijuana. Their lives revolve around how to get more of the drug to satisfy cravings, despite the dangers.

Marijuana triggers feelings of relaxations once it reaches your brain. The chemical manipulation alters your brain’s function, making it difficult to stop using once you develop a dependency. As such, a supervised marijuana addiction treatment program is vital.

Seek professional treatment if you or your loved ones exhibit the symptoms of marijuana addiction, including:

  • Tolerance for the drug leading to the intake of high doses
  • Spending money meant for crucial uses to purchase marijuana
  • Inability to stop using whenever you attempt to quit
  • Participating in risky activities while under the influence
  • Using the drug several times per day
  • Hiding the drug

Quitting Marijuana Abuse

Studies reveal that marijuana is not as highly addictive as other drugs, such as opioids and alcohol. However, it results in a psychological dependence resembling gambling addiction, so a supervised marijuana addiction treatment program is essential.

Contrary to the majority of Americans’ belief, marijuana addiction has serious withdrawal effects, including insomnia, poor appetite, weight loss, anxiety, depression, physical agitation, intense cravings, reduced pleasure, and mood swings.

The Legalization of Marijuana and Addiction Treatment

Legalization will make it harder for individuals battling an addiction to the drug to join marijuana addiction treatment centers for recovery. As states move to legalize the drug, supporters of marijuana are going to divert attention from addiction.

Marijuana’s proponents argue that the drug is harmless and overlook the dependency that individuals develop from chronic use. Individuals experiencing marijuana addiction need to contact a marijuana rehab center in Toledo, OH, for more information about its health risks.

Get Help at Our Marijuana Addiction Treatment ProgramPerson struggles with marijuana addiction treatment program.

The misconceptions surrounding marijuana addiction make it difficult for individuals to decide whether to seek professional treatment. Experts note that most of those who contact a marijuana rehab have been using marijuana regularly for more than ten years, making it harder for them to quit.

However, a marijuana treatment center provides the best conditions for overcoming withdrawal effects and addiction. Therapists combine behavioral therapy approaches and necessary medication to ensure that you can overcome dependency and addiction.

Once you check into our marijuana addiction treatment center in Toledo, OH, you will have access to various treatment programs, including:

Manage Your Marijuana Addiction at Midwest Recovery Center

If you or your loved ones are battling a marijuana use disorder and do not know how to manage it, Midwest Recovery Center offers the best solution. You can overcome your mental health disorder by joining our marijuana addiction treatment program. We can customize the treatment plan to address your unique situation. Do not let drug abuse ruin your life when help is readily available at our rehab. Contact Midwest Recovery Center at 833.627.0039 to learn more about marijuana addiction treatment.