At Midwest Recovery Center, we are committed to providing you the support you need through early recovery and beyond. Providing every alumni with the tools, skills and support they need to live clean and sober is one of our highest goals. We focus on our alumni as a continuation of our comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol treatment.

Turning despair into hope, and creating a new life for yourself, rests upon the connections you can find in recovery. We hold events for alumni on a regular basis, to help provide support through good times and bad times. We are an outlet for those who are struggling, and always take time to celebrate the joys of life. Our alumni are real people living recovery every day. We want to share with every individual the fulfillment and peace we have found, and be a resource long after you have left our care.


We are committed to this community. We coordinate with other treatment centers, non-profit organizations, hospitals and foundations in order to address addiction treatment from all sides. Breaking the stigmas around addiction, raising awareness of our work and connecting with our community helps us to carry out our mission. We have collected a list of local events that might interest you, so you can be involved in the fight against addiction.

In the Community


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