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At Midwest Recovery Center, we understand the unique challenges adolescents face in overcoming substance abuse issues. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, individuals who begin using drugs and alcohol in their early teens are most likely to develop a substance abuse problem later on in life. And substance use disorders can also affect how adolescents’ brains develop. However, through a professional adolescent rehab center, your teen can break free from the cycle of addiction and live a happy, healthy life free from drugs and alcohol.

Our adolescent rehab center in Toledo offers outpatient care for patients struggling with addiction. Adolescent patients in our care receive the extra resources and accountability they need during early recovery and beyond. Our team is trained in the best practices for helping teens and is ready to help them overcome their unique struggles.

Benefits of an Adolescent Rehab Center

Addiction treatment cannot be one-size-fits-all. Because every individual struggling with substance abuse is unique, they should receive personalized care for their needs. Adolescents face specific challenges with substance abuse. For instance, adolescents are more likely to binge drink than adults, are less likely to experience withdrawal symptoms, and are more likely to hide their substance abuse from others. A high-quality adolescent rehab center should take all of these factors into account when administering treatment. While teens have a harder time than adults at admitting they need help, a treatment center can help them learn how to handle stress without turning to drugs or alcohol. Other benefits of an adolescent rehab center include the following:

  • Healthy coping skills to set your adolescent up for lifelong success
  • Targeted therapies for teens’ unique needs
  • Support of peers who have experienced similar struggles
  • Family therapy and support groups to heal damaged relationships
  • Care for co-occurring mental health disorders

At Midwest Recovery, our goal is to help each patient in our care find lasting recovery from the damages of addiction.

Midwest Recovery’s Adolescent Rehab Center

In our rehab center, we use evidence-based treatment methods to help teens overcome addiction. The most effective treatments for adolescents use some form of behavioral therapy and also address co-occurring mental health disorders. At our adolescent rehab center, you’ll find experienced staff in a comfortable, welcoming setting. Our addiction specialists are ready to help your teen get on the road to lasting recovery.

At our facility, we engage every individual in an intense, individualized therapy plan, delivered in group and individual settings. The skills your teen learns in treatment will be useful in dealing with the stress of early recovery. At our adolescent rehab center in Toledo, your teen will meet once or twice a week for group, individual, or family therapy. Group therapy is an important part of the recovery process. The group members offer their insights and experiences to approach and solve problems from different angles.

We believe families can recover as well as individuals. That’s why we offer support services, including family support groups and family therapy sessions. Our staff will help your family understand addiction and help you create healthy boundaries.

All of our programs treat the mental, physical, and spiritual sides of addiction. Your teen’s comprehensive therapy plan focuses on the mental and spiritual aspects, but we address their physical needs as well. Necessary medications will be delivered on-site, and every patient has access to psychiatric and primary care when needed.

Learn More by Contacting Midwest Recovery

If your teen is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we can help. You don’t have to face this challenge alone. Instead, our addiction specialists will help your adolescent find the road to recovery. Through a personalized treatment plan, your teen will learn how to handle stress and triggers in healthy ways. We’ll also help your family recover through family therapy sessions and support groups. In addition to our adolescent rehab center, we offer the following programs:

Learn more about our adolescent treatment program by reaching out to Midwest Recovery. Call us at 833.627.0039 or use our online form, and find hope for your child’s future today.

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